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A platforming exploration and puzzle game! 15 normal levels, three secret levels, and two endings.

Clowd in Eden is a game that asks life's big questions -- like, "what if I was a flying killer robot who crash landed on a passive-aggressive alien world?" A charming science-fantasy-adventure yarn that subverts platformer cliches, and wraps a tale about parenthood and responsibility in a classic 16-bit sidescrolling adventure.

If Ecco the Dolphin made you feel things, this game will probably make you feel those things again. You will wake up in a strange place with only a few tools at your disposal. With those tools, you will slowly unravel the riddles that seem to be all around you. Length is something like an hour or two.

Press space to jump, hold space to fly. Flying works best done in short, controlled bursts. If you are facing straight up, down, left, or right you make make a 180-degree turn.

Press X to pick up weapons (the blinky yellow flowers), hold X to fire.

Press R if you get stuck in a wall/thrown off screen.

Have fun! Try not to get stuck in a wall!



The newest version of this game (version 9) includes a password feature. Look for Red Keys as you explore -- touching Red Keys will reveal that level's password. The passwords may be entered in a room off Craeche 1 (the second level of the game).


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Hat's off to this well designed game, and unique responsive control scheme.  I am really enjoying the difficulty in later levels, and the over all challenge of the increasingly complicated enemies.  Well, I assume later level, as I'm in the room with the large moving tube blocks.  From the different exits in the hollow, will the game redirect me back there to explore other paths, or are there alternate endings earned by saving some "keys" by attaining others the hard way?  This is one I will gladly see through to the end, kudos!

Finished and I liked the ending.  I could not get the blue key on the next to last level, but finished with an extra green.  I don't really see how it can be possible.  I am a completionist, and this will nag at me.

It's a pretty nifty game, once you get used to the controls. I like the soothing music, but there aren't quite enough instructions for me to really understand what to do.


that's totally fair! Though I'd prefer that players experiment with the game, here's a YouTube video of level 1:

Press X to pick up weapons, hold and release X to fire.

The games built for use with a keyboard. You can make a 180 degree turn, as long as you're facing straight up down left or right.

Please gimme another chance! :)


Otherwise there's only a few things you CAN do, and they're all there by the second level -- you may fly, you may fire your weapon, you may pick up the multicolored keys and use them on the multicolored doors. That's all there is to it!